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Contributing to the project is simple.

  1. Create a ticket in the issue tracker

    If you have not used the issue tracker before. Feel free to skip this step and just submit a pull request, one of the reviewers would be more than happy to explain how to create an issue for your future contributions.

  2. Fork the rogoOSS repository.
  3. Checkout the develop branch
  4. Make your changes and commit to the develop branch on your repository (enter the issue tracker id into the commit message i.e. ROGO-1490).
  5. Submit a pull request to the rogoOSS repository (develop branch).
  6. After a code review your contribution will be merged into the develop branch and schedule for a release.

Once your changes have been released it would be of great help if you could contribute some documentation if applicable in the  Functional Specification and/or System Documentation areas. You will need permissions to do this so plase ask for them in the issue you raised in the above steps.

Security Issues:

When raising issues with security please remeber to set the Secutirty Level to 'Security Issue' these tickets are only visable to the issue reporter and the University of Nottingham.

Developer help:


If you would like to contribute to translating rogo please visit our Crowdin site.