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The specification is continuously evolving. We recommend you 'watch' this page to receive updates on changes to the scope of this document.

If you would like to contribute to the specification please create an account and leave a message on this page, an administrator will then be along to assign you the required permissions.


The purpose of this functional specification is to describe what Rogo does, not how it does it.

Functional Overview

Rogo is a very large system that performs a huge number of assessment-related functions.  The easiest way to get an appreciation of Rogo's scope is from the perspective of the people who use it: students, staff, administrators, invigilators, external examiners and the suchlike.  They will interact with Rogo during each of the three phases of an assessment:  pre-exam, mid-exam, and post-exam. 

A High-level overview of Rogo user interactions for a simple map of these interactions.

Functionality Matrix

The table below gives more detail upon how people interact with Rogo.  Click on a link or heading to drill down to a function.


Pre- Exam





Obtain Guest Account

View information about exam:

  • Marks
  • Screens
  • Navigation
  • Rubric

Self-enrol in a module (if available)

View Questions

Summative exam specific:

View feedback:



Manage Questions

Manage Papers:

Link questions to Objectives

Standard Setting

Read External Examiner comments

Internal Peer review

Upload student groups (metadata)

OSCE station specific:

Objective Mapping

OSCE station specific:



Standard Setting

Question correction

Question exclusion

View Reports:

Export marks

Release feedback:

Upload Marks for Offline Paper

Finalise marks for gradebook




Summative Exam Scheduling

Mid-Exam Clarification

Clear unused guest accounts

Clear Old Logs (at end of year)

Clear orphan media (at end of year)

Clear Training (at end of year)

External Examiner


View paper and comment

View responses


View Class Totals report

View individual student scripts

Internal Reviewer


Internal Peer review




View information:

If timed exam:

Add note about Paper

Add note about Student

Record WC breaks


CRON (automatic)

Sync student enrolments from SATURN


Summative exam check

System Paper Locking 
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