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Problems in the LDAP plugin

This plugin requires that the PHP ldap module is installed on your server.

Check 1 blank entriesA username and/or password was not sent
Could not bind to ldap server

Either the server specified in 'ldap_server' is not available or the username 'ldap_bind_rdn' or password 'ldap_bind_password' settings are incorrect

LDAP Server Unavailable: unable to searchThe syntax of 'ldap_search_dn' or 'ldap_user_prefix' is likely to be incorrect
No LDAP account found!

A username could not be found in the LDAP tree specified in 'ldap_search_dn' where the username is stored in the value 'ldap_user_prefix'.

Incorrect password providedThe password provided does not match the one recorded in LDAP for the username
Check 2 record number not = 1 no user or multiple user found in lookup

More than one record matched the username in the internal Rogo user table. Check the values of:

  • 'table' - The name of the table Rogo stores users. (Default: 'users')
  • 'username_col' - The name of the database column that the username is stored (Default: 'username')
  • 'id_col' - The name of the database column that stores the internal Rogo id of the user (Default: 'id')

It is unsafe to modify these from the defaults unless you have a very customized Rogo setup.

LDAP Record found but no local accountYou may need to create an account for the user in Rogo
setting is set to disable lookupThe user will not have an account created automatically, you will need to manually create their Rogo account