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  1. Create a ticket in the issue tracker.

    titleSecurity Issues

    When raising issues with security please remeber remember to set the Secutirty Security Level to 'Security Issue' these . These tickets are only visable visible to the issue reporter and the University of Nottingham.

  2. Branch off your develop branch using the ticket id in the branch name i.e. hotfix/ROGO-1490
  3. Make your changes and commit to your new branch (enter the issue tracker id into the commit message i.e. "ROGO-1490 event not defined for preventDefault").
  4. Comply with the coding standards
  5. Submit a pull request to the rogoOSS repository (develop branch).
    1. Large amounts of code are much more complicated and time consuming to review so where ever possible large changes should be split into multiple smaller logical parts

  6. After a code review your contribution will be merged into the develop branch and scheduled for a release.