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special_idint(11)Primary Key – auto increment.
userIDint(10) unsignedUser ID of the student who the special needs pertain to
backgroundvarchar(20)Background colour of the assessment. Can be named colour such as white or HTML code #FFFFFF
foregroundvarchar(20)Foreground colour of the assessment.
textsizeint(11)Base font size for assessment. Use percentage values without the percent symbol
extra_timetinyint(4)Amount of extra time permitted expressed as a percentage (without the percent symbol)
marks_colorvarchar(20)Colour used to show how many marks each question is worth to the student
themecolorvarchar(20)Theme (heading) colour
labelcolorvarchar(20)Colour of additional headings (i.e. True/False)
fontvarchar(50)Base Font Family to use
unansweredvarchar(20)Colour of unanswered questions.
dismissvarchar(20)Colour of the strikeout/dismiss state.
medicaltext6.0: Holds medical information about a student - accessible to invigilators.
breakstext6.0: Holds rest break information about a student - accessible to invigilators.
break_timesmallintadded in 7.2 amount of break time a student can have in an exam (percent or mins per hour)
globalthemecolourvarchar(20)added in 7.4 background colour of paper header/footer
globalthemefont_colourvarchar(20)added in 7.4 font colour of paper header/footer
highlight_bgcolourvarchar(20)added in 7.4 colour of option highlight

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