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idint(8)Primary Key – auto increment.
q_idint(4)ID of the question that is being saved.
markfloatMark awared to student
adjmarkfloatAdjusted mark awared to student
totalpostinyint(4)Maximum available marks for this question
user_answertextUser answer
errorstatetinyint(3) unsignednot currently used6.0.5 onwards - stores calculation question error state (numerical value from Rserv)
screentinyint(3) unsignedScreen the question is on (Note: same question ID could be on multiple screens in a survey)
durationmediumint(9)Time the user has spent in seconds on the current screen
updateddatetimeDatetime when this question has last saved
dismisschar(20)Storage of any dismiss data so that state can be remembered while traversing screens
option_ordervarchar(255)The order the various stems were presented in within a question
metadataIDint(11)The ID of the main log_metadata record