External Examiners Report


Views comments on a paper made by external examiners.  Does not display scores.



At the top of the first screen is a summary section displaying how each examiner has progressed in their review of the paper:

Each screen displays the questions as they would appear to the student complete with the correct answer and any external examiner comments. 

This screen has a comment made by the examiner:

Clicking the  icon drills down to all comments made by all examiners:

The internal examiner can click on the Action Taken dropdown and indicate what they did about it.  It defaults to Not actioned, but they can also select Read - disagree or Read - actioned.  In either of the latter tow cases, the internal examiner  should then record their Internal Response in the textbox for that purpose.

The 'traffic-light' icon next to the examiner's name indicates whether they reviewed the question as OK (green circle), minor/some problems (yellow square) or major problems (red triangle).  A grey hatched square indicated that the examiner did not feel he could comment on that question.