Summative exam check


Two of the main screens that use student marks are the Class Totals report and a student's Exam Script. Many post-exam operations are possible including question exclusion, standard setting and question fixing. However, these two scripts are constructed and programmed differently and can therefore sometimes result in different figures. We plan to rewrite these scripts using a more consistent approach.  Until then, we must use an automatic checking script.

The checking script works by:

  1. For a specified time period (week, month, etc) looks up the relevant summative exams.
  2. Loads the Class Totals report.
  3. For each student looks at the mark and loads their Exam Script.
  4. If the mark in Class Totals is different to the Exam Script these differences are flagged.

This check can be performed manually via the administration screens or via an automated cron script (results are emailed to the system support email address).