Login - Guest Account


Students cannot log in for an examination on occasion.  Rather than delving into LDAP or turning them away, we give them a 'guest account' for the duration of the examination.

The system currently has a pool of 100 guest accounts.  Any account allocated must come out of this pool.  The pool is not automatically cleared down.   If the pool has an unused guest account you want to clear, see Clear Guest Accounts.  Otherwise, see Reassign Guest Account.



  • The paper must be active
  • The IP address must be registered to one of the Computer Labs.

If both these prerequisites are met, then you get a Guest Login button displayed on the login screen for Rogo:

Clicking the button fires of a sequence of events:

  1. Rogo scans the account pool to find the lowest available account number
  2. Rogo allocates the account 
  3. It returns the account ID to a hidden field on the Guest Account Registration form
  4. The student supplies their details (optional student ID) and clicks OK.  They then get told what their account credentials are should they wish to log into the account again during the same exam:


Passwords are random and Rogo resets them after every allocation of the guest account.   Guest accounts can only be used for a single examination until they are reallocated or cleared.