Reassign Guest Account


In some circumstances the user who took the exam may not yet have an account set up in Rogo. In this case a member of staff with the correct privilege should create the user account first before marks are transferred as detailed below.


Takes the responses for a guest account and re-allocates them to an active student account (for testing can allocate to a staff account).  


When a student has to use a guest account to login, the exam script and any marks accrued must be transferred to the proper owner.  

To do this:

  1. Open the Reports menu
  2. Select Class Totals.
  3. The report highlights temporary accounts in brown:  they should all be named Guest Account #1  etc.
  4. Click on the account name and you will get a popup menu
  5. Click on Re-assign to User.
    1. If the student has entered their student number, one student will be displayed and you will need to click on them
    2. If more than one student is found, select the student from the list and click on them
    3. If you find no student, you will need to create the account and repeat this process from the beginning.
  6. You may also search for users by filling in all or some of the textboxes above and clicking Search.



You can reassign a guest account to a member of staff using the Search for testing purposes.