Upload student groups


Rogo allows you to record any information you like against a student.  Information can be recorded as a key-value pair.


You upload metadata by browsing to a module and then clicking the Add Metadata icon:

Data is specific to an academic year and a module, as the following screen shows:


Only the username field is mandatory, but you must supply at least one other column.  The values in this column are then recorded against each student under the column header as property name.

Typical Uses

Paper security

The Security tab on the Properties dialog allows you to restrict access on the basis of any metadata found against the candidates:

Extra information on the Class Totals report

The Class Totals report dialog allows filtering on metadata fields. When the report runs, it also shows any metadata as additional column values.  This allows additional grouping in statistical analyses.

Peer Review

Students review each other in groups.  The metadata allows you to specify which group a student belongs to.

You need to select a field in the properties dialogue to denote student groups: