Purpose: Holds most of the data used by an individual question. See options table for the rest of the data.
Joins: papers and options tables.

q_idint(4)Primary Key – auto increment.
q_typeenum('blank', 'calculation', 'dichotomous', 'flash', 'hotspot', 'labelling', 'likert', 'matrix', 'mcq', 'mrq', 'rank', 'textbox', 'info', 'extmatch', 'random', 'sct', 'keyword_based', 'true_false', 'area')What type the question is (flash is now deprecated)
themetextOptional heading for the question
scenariotextScenario or background information for the question
leadintextThe question itself
correct_fbacktextGeneral textual feedback to display if student gets question correct
incorrect_fbacktextGeneral textual feedback to display if student gets question wrong
notestextNotes displayed against question (these are visible to students)
ownerIDint(11)ID of the user who ownes (originally created) the question
q_mediatextFilename of optional media to be attached to the current question (removed in 7.2)
q_media_widthvarchar(100)Width of attached media (removed in 7.2)
q_media_heightvarchar(100)Height of attached media (removed in 7.2)
creation_datedatetimeDatetime when the current question was created
last_editeddatetimeDatetime of the last time the question was edited
bloomenum('Knowledge', 'Comprehension', 'Application', 'Analysis',
'Synthesis', 'Evaluation')
Holds what level of cognitive engagement as per Bloom's Taxonomy the question pertains to
scenario_plaintextSame as scenario but with HTML tags removed (used for searching)
leadin_plaintextSame as leading but with HTML tags removed (used for searching)
checkout_timedatetimeDatetime question was checked out for editing
checkout_authorIDint(10) unsignedUser ID who has question checked out for editing
deleteddatetimeDatetime when question was deleted. If NULL then the question is still active
lockeddatetimeDatetime when the question was locked bacause of a summative exam
stdvarchar(100)Standard setting value saved with question for future use.
statustinyint(3)Status of the question
q_option_orderenum('display order', 'alphabetic', 'random')What order to display the options
score_methodenum('Mark per Question','Mark per Option','Allow partial Marks','Bonus Mark')Depending on question type holds data about how to mark the question
settingstext5.1: Used to hold JSON encode list of settings for a question. Currently used with the Calculation question.
guidchar(40)5.1.2: Global unique identifier for a question. Used to help support question identification between Rogo and an external item bank.