ROGO 6.1.0

Purpose: Stores general setup information for a paper.

Joins: academic_yearpapersmoduleslabs and users table.

property_idmediumint(8) unsignedauto increment.PRIMARY KEY
paper_titlevarchar(255)Name of the assessment or survey.
start_datedatetimeDatetime when students can start to access the paper. There is a 2 minute grace on this to account for client-server clocks being different.
end_datedatetimeDatetime when students will loose access to the paper. Data recorded after the end date will go into log_late.
timezonevarchar(255)What timezone should be used.
paper_typeenum('0','1','2','3','4','5','6')0=Formative, 1=Progress Test, 2=Summative, 3=Survey, 4=OSCE Station, 5=Offline paper, 6=peer review
paper_prologuetextText to display at the top of screen 1.
paper_postscripttextText to display after the student clicks 'Finish'
bgcolorvarchar(20)Background colour of the paper.
fgcolorvarchar(20)Foreground colour of the paper.
themecolorvarchar(20)Colour of themes (headings).
labelcolorvarchar(20)Colour of labels.
fullscreenenum('0','1')0=Windowed, 1=Fullscreen. Fullscreen works only in Internet Explorer.
markingchar(60)Marking scheme used for the paper.
bidirectionalenum('0','1')0=Linear navigation, 1=Bidirectional - students may return to previous screens.
pass_marktinyint(4)Percentage pass mark for the paper.
distinction_marktinyint(4)Percentage distinction mark for the paper.
paper_ownerIDint(10) unsignedUser ID of the paper owner.
foldervarchar(255)Personal folder the paper is stored in (optional).
labstextComma separated list of lab IDs that a summative paper is restricted to.
rubrictextThe exam rubric displayed to students before they start the exam.
calculatortinyint(4)0=No calculator, 1=Display JavaScript calculator
exam_durationsmallint(6)Exam duration specified in minutes.
deleteddatetimeDatetime the paper was deleted. NULL means the paper is still active.
createddatetimeDatetime the paper was created.
random_markfloatThe calculated random mark that someone would get based on probability.
total_markmediumint(9)Total available marks.
display_correct_answerenum('0','1')0=Hide correct answers, 1=Display correct answers.
display_question_markenum('0','1')0=Hide question marks, 1=Show question marks.
display_students_responseenum('0','1')0=Hide student responses, 1=Show student responses.
display_feedbackenum('0','1')0=Hide feedback, 1=Show feedback.
hide_if_unansweredenum('0','1')1=If student leaves a question unanswered then receive no feedback.
calendar_yearint(4)Academic year the metadata applies to.FOREIGN KEY academic_year.calendar_year
external_review_deadlinedateDeadline when external reviews should be completed by.
internal_review_deadlinedateDeadline when internal reviews should be completed by.
sound_demoenum('0','1')0=No sound demo, 1=Include sound demo.
latex_neededtinyint(4)1=Include Latex rendering libraries because a question with Latex has been detected.
passwordchar(20)Password protect a summative exam.
retireddatetimeDatetime when a paper is retired.
crypt_namevarchar(32)An encrypted ID for the paper.
recache_markstinyint(3)If set to 1 then /paper/details.php will call Class Totals and recache values. Necessary if the marking method changes, for example.