Purpose: Holds module (course) information.
Joins: properties and objectives tables.

idint(11)Primary Key – auto increment.
moduleidchar(25)The ID of the module as assigned by the institution.
fullnametextThe full name of the module
activetinyint(4)1=active, 0=inactive
vle_apivarchar(255)VLE API used to obtain learning outcomes
checklistvarchar(255)Summative exam checklist settings
smsvarchar(255)The management system the module is imported from NULL if none
selfenrolltinyint(4)Can student self enroll on this module 1 is on 0 is off
schoolidint(11)The ID of the school to which this module belongs from the schools table
neg_markingtinyint(1)Enabel negative marking fro this module 1 is on 0 is off
ebel_grid_templateint(11)The id of the default ebel_grid_template for this module from the ebel_grid_templates table
mod_deleteddatetimeWhen a module was deleted (NULL = module is still live).
timed_examstinyint(4)This switched on automatic exam timing for all summative papers in the module.
exam_q_feedbacktinyint(4)When checked this allows question-based feedback for summative exams.
add_team_memberstinyint(4)When on any member of staff already in the team can add/delete another member.
map_levelsmallint(2)0 = Session Level, 1 = Module Level
academic_year_startchar(5)MM/DD when a module changes into the next academic year.