Cosign Login


This allows user authentication via cosign.

Config Options

Config OptionDescription
id_colis the column name of the userid
tableis the name of the table
username_colis the name of the column containing the username
cosign_buttonif true enables aa cosign login button (also disables requirement for password/username to be filled in. if set you need to click this button to go via cosign auth, if not it wont run through this module
enable_fudgecreateuserenables the fudge create user not using the lookup class created in table but no details go with it all blank
disable_ldapmissingDisables lookup plugin if it has record in external auth but no record in internal db
search_fieldis used as the field that the username gets put in for a search for missing user.
usernamefieldthis is the SERVER field that it takes the username usually REMOTE_USER