Guest Login


This module allows the display of the guest login notice on fail screen and also the guest login button on the login screen (only if there is a summative exam for that ip address and time

Config Options

Include line 3.

$authentication = array(
  array('ltilogin', array(), 'LTI Auth'),
  array('guestlogin', array(), 'Guest Login'),
  array('impersonation', array('separator' => '_'), 'Impersonation'),
  array('internaldb', array('table' => 'users', 'username_col' => 'username', 'passwd_col' => 'password', 'id_col' => 'id', 'encrypt' => 'SHA-512', 'encrypt_salt' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'), 'Internal Database'),
  array('ldap',array( 'table' => 'users', 'username_col' => 'username', 'id_col' => 'id', 'ldap_server' => '', 'ldap_search_dn' => 'OU=University,DC=intdir,DC=myuni,DC=ac,DC=uk', 'ldap_bind_rdn' => 'LDAP_Service_Acc', 'ldap_bind_password' => 'mypassword', 'ldap_user_prefix' => 'sAMAccountName='),'LDAP')