Internal Database


This allows authentication from an internal database table. And displays the forgotten password link on failed login. Also if the username exists but the password didn’t match and a later authentication does succeed then the password is re-encoded to match.

Config Options

Config OptionDescription
displayfailuremessagenumberif set is the number of times before displaying an error message rather than a login box.
continueonfailif set then this wont set the exit flag that indicates to exit after displaying the login error form
id_colis the column name of the userid
tableis the name of the table
username_colis the name of the column containing the username
passwd_colis the name of the column for containing the password
encrypt_saltis the encryption salt for the encryption of the stored passwords the salt starting $6$ indicates SHA-512 and $1$ indicates MD5. SHA-512 is recommended
donotupdatepasswordif is set and truethen the password update isn’t run