LDAP Login


This allows user authentication from LDAP server.

Config Options

Config OptionDescription
id_colis the column name of the userid
tableis the name of the table
username_colis the name of the column containing the username
displayfailuremessagenumberif set is the number of times before displaying an error message rather than a login box.
continueonfailif set then this wont set the exit flag that indicates to exit after displaying the login error form
ldap_serveris the ldap server name in php ldap convention
ldap_portis the optional ldap port of the server
ldap_set_optionany php ldap options can be specified in this via an array with the keyname as the parameter and the value as the value.
ldap_bind_rdnis the RDN used to authenticate (leave out if anonymous is wanted)
ldap_bind_passwordis the password associated with the bind RDN
ldap_search_dnis the base_dn of the search (if this is an array of multiple it should search them all)
ldap_user_prefixis the prefix for the username search eg sAMAccountName= but it could include other filter elements first in standard LDAP filter parameters (using a query with multiple values will also require that ldap_user_postfix is set)
ldap_user_postfixIs appended after the username it allows you to form a more complicated LDAP search for the username. Rogo 7.1.0 +
sql_extraany extra parameters on the sql user lookup (appended after the where statement so more filter requirements would require an AND to start)
disable_ldapmissingif set and true then Rogo will not attempt to create a an account if it successfully finds and binds as a user on ldap but cant find the user in Rogo. Default: false
search_fieldis used as the field that the username gets put in for a search for missing user. It should be the name of a field in the Rogo users table. Default: username
enable_fudgecreateuserIf set to true and a user authenticates successfully but did not have an account in the table configured for the plugin it will create a record. Note this setting should only be used if LDAP is not using the Rogo users table to lookup users in the database. It could be useful in cases where a single Rogo user could have multiple usernames in LDAP. It requires that disable_ldapmissing is set to false. Default: false