userlookup data


This is the object that is parsed and returned from the postuserlookup


settings:: This contains any settings for this search

settings->searchorder:: This is the searchorder of the original parsed in data. this is the info about what order to use fields to lookup so the first field listed will be used if it exists until it runs out of fields. this is an array of fields (and if the field is an array then it uses an and of the fields in this array). Eg

array('username', 'studentID', 'staffID', 'email', array('surname', 'firstname'));

settings->recursive:: This puts the returned results back into a userlookup search to expand any data that might be found by the last plugin into earlier plugins. stores data under lookupdatasrec array.

settings->recursive_overrideall:: sets it so that the recursive searches can override fields from the original

settings->recursive_override:: an array of fields that is allowed to be overriden.

settings->recursive_max:: The maximum amount of levels to recursively search

settings->firstentry:: Only use the first result found

settings->lastentry:: Only use the LASTresult found

lookupdata:: This is the lookupdata of the original parsed in data. this is the info and returned data on users. this has the datafields set to an item etc. Eg


This is also where it stores the search results so if looking up the myusername gave a surname of MySurname then the following would be set