Rogo has two different online help systems: staff and student. They are split because of the need to include different details in the staff help system that would be irrelevant to students.


  • Staff - read only access to Staff Help and Student Help
  • Students - read only access to Student Help
  • SysAdmin - read/write access to Staff Help and Student Help

Staff Help

The staff help is completely separate from the student system. Pages within the staff help can be set to one of three access statuses: 1) SysAdmin, 2) Admin and 3) Staff. 'Staff' can be view by anyone, including SysAdmin and Admin roles. 'Admin' can only be viewed by SysAdmin and Admin, not Staff. And 'SysAdmin' can only be viewed by SysAdmin. This access system is designed to hide SysAdmin and Admin help pages from 'normal' staff who will never need this information, or indeed access these screens within Rogo.

Student Help

The student help system is completely separate from the staff system. It is viewable by Students and External Examiners.

Local Customisation

In some places within the online help it is useful to include references to installation specific settings. Such things such as support email addresses and the URL of the current install will all differ from institution to institution. To solve this problem the following variables are supported in both staff and student help systems:

  • $support_email - replaced with the contents of $support_email as set in /config/
  • $local_server - replaced with the protocol and base URL of the current server
Staff can log into Rogo at: $local_server/staff/

Will become

Staff can log into Rogo at:

Calling Specific Pages

To load a help page specific to the current screen in Rogo pass its ID to the draw_toprightmenu() function:

echo draw_toprightmenu(92);

This will load page 92. The same page in multiple languages will still have the same page ID. Page IDs can be seen by SysAdmin users at the bottom of each page in the online help system.


The online help (staff and student) have support for different languages. To view the help in a different language you must log into Rogo in the appropriate language (either through browser settings or dropdown menu in log in screen). When in the help if you click on any page that is not the front page then there should be a country flag icon in the top right hand corner. All language editing is manual, updating a page in one language will not affect the same page in any other language.