Running papers (logs)

When a paper is run (tested) it stores user answers and marks in a log table. This is the same whether the user is a member of staff or a student. One record is used per user per question for each paper. The log table that is written to depends on the type of paper the question is included on, see below:

Table NamePurpose
log_metadataMetadata information - one per user per paper per attempt.
log_metadata_deletedRecords moved from log_metadata when old logs are cleared.
log0Formative Quiz log
log0_deletedRecords moved from log0 when old logs are cleared.
log1Progress Test log
log1_deletedRecords moved from log1 when old logs are cleared.
log2Summative Exam log
log3Survey log
log4Main OSCE log
log4_overallSummary information of OSCEs
log5Offline Paper log
log6Peer Review log