Purpose: When SysAdmin uses 'Clear Old Logs' the old records from 'log_metadata' are moved to 'log_metadata_deleted'.
Joins: userspapersquestionslog0_deleted and log1_deleted tables.

idint(11)Primary Key – auto increment.
userIDmediumint(9)ID of the user who's responses are being recorded.
paperIDmediumint(8) unsignedID of the paper
starteddatetimeDatetime when the paper was started.
ipaddressvarchar(100)The IP address of the computer where the user is based.
student_gradechar(25)The degree or programme of study the student is on.
yeartinyint(4)The current year or study the student is on
attempttinyint(4)1=1st attempt, 2=first resit, 3=second resit
completeddatetimeThe date/time when the user first started the paper.
lab_namevarchar(255)The name of the lab the exam was taken in. Stored as text rather than ID because IP addresses can be lost historically as computers are updated in each lab.
highest_screentinyint(3) unsignedThe highest screen number that has been successfully submitted - used on unidirectional papers.