Likert Scale


Allows for Likert Scale and Semantic Differential questions to be written for surveys.


Likert scales are a common question type which is useful in questionnaire design.

Fit Criterion


  • A number of pre-set scales should be available
  • Question writer should be able to set a custom scale if one of the pre-set ones does not suit
  • When displayed to students multiple consecutive likert scales with the same scale should share a common set of headings


Surveys are not marked.


Surveys have no feedback

Limited Save


Standard Setting


Data Format

Correct Answer

There is no correct answer with a likert scale as such. However, the scale is stored in the 'display_method' field in the questions table. The | symbol separates the scale headings. The more | symbols included the larger the scale. At the end the final 'true' or 'false' refers to whether or not to add a 'not applicable' option.

Student Answer

Student answers are stored in the 'user_answer' field of the relevant log table. They are a number, starting at one, for the option selected. Numbering starts with the first column on the scale at the left and moves towards the right. If a 'not applicable' option is included and the student selects it 'n/a' is written into 'user_answer'.