1. Installing the Application

Below is a guide on how to install the latest version of Rogō.

Developers should see instructions for setting up a development environment here.


  1. Web Server Setup
  2. Database Setup

Application installation via command line:

Please see Command Line Install/Update.

Application installation via web browser:

  1. Download the latest version of Rogō from downloads and unpack into your web root directory.
  2. In a browser navigate to the /install path of Rogō .
  3. Rogō will now check that your system meets some minumum requirements:
    1. If any requirements are not met you will not be able to proceed with installation until they are resolved.
    2. Once requirements are met you will be able to proceed to the installation screen.
  4. On the installation screen you can set the following system settings:
  5. Once installed, a log of the process will be shown highlighting any issues.

    1. A list of common causes of installation errors is available here.
  6. If installation was succesful (no fatal errors) you will be given the option to navigate to the configuration screen to complete more advanced settings.