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  1. Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager tool

  2. Right click on the Default Web Site and select Add Virtual Directory

  3. Enter an alias (for example rogo) and set the physical path to be the directory your local Rogo repository

  4. In the Default Web Site click on the Bindings… action and add a http port on 8001 (you can then use that port to run behat tests)

  5. Select the rogo directory that will not be showing up and open the PHP Manager

  6. Ensure that the version of PHP you need for Rogo is selected

  7. Configure error reporting to be Development machine

  8. Ensure that the extensions that Rogo requires are enabled

  9. Open the URL Rewrite tool in the rogo virtual directory and press Import Rules


Download and install xdebug for the version of PHP you are using.