Student Photos


Student photos are used in two places: 1) the blue screen where students log into summative exams, and 2) the user profile in the user management screens. The purpose of showing the photo on the blue exam screens is to reinforce to users that the system knows who they are and not to cheat. It can also be used by invigilators to check that the candidate sat at the computer is who is expected (i.e. is not using someone else's log in details). Showing the student photo in the user profile is useful for staff who may be trying to memorise phases to names for their class/tutee groups.

Note: The displayed size of the photos in Rogō is 100% the size of the actual photograph in the graphics file. Resize before uploading to Rogō if this is too large.

Adding Single Photos

The photograph for a single student can be altered by editing their profile in the user management screens.

Bulk Upload

There is no explicit field storing whether a student has a photo or not. Instead the function student_photo_exist() can be called in userutils.class.php to check if a photo file exists on the server. Files should be named as 'username.extension'. Rogō 6.0 will also now support jpg, jpeg, gif and png extensions. Often an administrator will want to bulk upload all the photos for a student cohort. This can easily be done by FTPing the files into the /users/photos/ directory.